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Separated at Birth?!?!?!

Imagine a true friendship    where you can find  solace in,  draw strength from, take  pride in, multiply   joy  and   divide  grief...  Sound  too good to  be true?  Read on.

 They   probably   started  out exactly  the same   without  even  knowing it.     But  on   April 7, 1999,  after their  first  private  EB,  their  lives  took   a  turn.   Whose wouldn’t when  you find your long,   lost twin sister?!?!?!   This was  then the “re-birth” of the twins--Klassychatt and Wildfleur.  And, for  them, it sure feels good and comforting to be treated with  the  utmost of care  and respect by one another and it obviously shows.

 The   Twin  Sisters’  friendship   blossomed  into  something  so  warm  and  wonderful   that  they  themselves  have  conveniently  forgotten their individual “roots”.  Not for a moment did they feel tentative toward each other. 

 Klassychatt and Wildfleur almost always engage in  everything together.  They say it  dobols their fun.  And as for trobol,  being  together  makes them meet it not  just halfway but the full distance.   And  they say   that  holding each other’s hand makes something happen to trobol before it even arrives!

 Thus,  Dobol Trobol’s  creation  on October 7, 1999   came as no  surprise  either.   The  Twin Sisters needed a place where you can slow down, escape, relax and appreciate  friends and strangers  who  would be  friends soon.    At  its infancy,  this  new  genre  of  chatting  set by the  Twins  is  responding  to   the mindset of all  DT regulars as they search for exactly what Klassychatt  and  Wildfleur wanted  in a  chat  room.    search that   is  not likely  to lose  its steam  anytime soon.

 The  Twins.   The Twin Sisters.  And  you  know  what?   Long after  everything  has changed,  they’ll  both look down  years  past t hem and realize  nothing  really has...between them!