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By the Twin Sisters  



“Have a  good   day!”   You see  this phrase  so often at the  chat room and we  hope  you don’t find  this a beleaguered expression.  After all, what’s wrong with “Have a  good day”?   It  springs from  a  long line of expressions of   good  will.  “Good-by or Good-bye” is no  less an  invocation of good will, being a contraction of “God be with you”. 

Would those  who   belittle  “Have  good day” also scorn “Good night”?  We think  there are  more of us than  there  are  of them – more of us  who think it’s great    that  the  chatters   say “Have a good day”, “Good-bye”,  “Good night”,    and   all   other  goody greetings to one another. 

So, go   ahead, let’s    make  each other’s  day and night!  Say it!  Say it with DT pride!


Twin Sis