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Here are  some  words  exclusively  used  by the  Dobol Trobol

Family  in  chatting.  We thought it  would  be  neat  to compile

them  and  create  our  very  own  data  bank for  these  words

ingeniously coined.


Who  knows,  these  words   may   already  be   used   by  other

chatters who  come in  and out of  Dobol Trobol.   We  wouldn’t

be surprised to read them elsewhere in the world_WILD_web!


Chatterized                 -Term used when a chatter focuses

                                                   his or her attention to a lone chatter

                                                   only despite the fact that the room

                                                   is filled to capacity.  As in

                                                   "binabakuran”. It could also mean

                                                   chatter is smitten with Klassychatt.


DEM                                       - Term used to soften up the

                                                   use of the words “damn or



DiCed                                      - Term used when chatter gets

                                                   disconnected and then reconnects

                                                   again only to announce that he or

                                                   she got disconnected!


Fingering Error                     - Term used to signify chatter

                                                   made a typographical error.


Great Pretender                    - Term used to describe a chatter who

                                                   has several handles and yet introduces

                                                   himself or herself outright when no one

                                                   recognizes him or her.  As in “Psst, ako

                                                   si *former handle* pero ako si *new handle*



Imaginaring                 -Term used when a chatter plays

                                                    with all the available images

                                                    in the chat room.   


Tarantized                  -Term used when a chatter finds

                                                    the room filled to capacity and

                                                    everyone is posting at the same

                                                    time and he or she can’t keep up

                                                    in reading all the posts.


Wildinger                                 -Term used to describe a chatter who, the

                                                   the moment he or she gets into the

                                                   room, does nothing but looks for

                                                   Wildfleur. As in

                                                   “Si Wild ba nandito?”